Slip Casting & Organic Pieces Workshop with Gabriela Cohn

This workshop will be focused on small format jewellery pieces and other objects.

The scope of this workshop will cover:
Part 1 - We will create our own pieces, out of them we will build up the mold

Modeling and creating pieces out of a malleable material ( ej. plastiline )

Learn to work with wax

Part 2 - About Moulds:

Building a mould out of a piece

Preparing plaster for each case, proportions, formulas

Timing Process

Work on pieces

Brief introduction to colour

Part 3 - About Porcelain:

Introduction to the Material / Porcelain

The Porcelain process / Timing

High & Low temperature

Preparation of “Barbutina” or Liquid Porcelain

Achieving the optimum density

Duration is 3 days (7hrs a day)